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Kids Play Construction Tools

Remember being a kid? After morning jobs were done, we played outside until we were called in for lunch or supper. Most nights, we would head back out and play until dark. Kick the can, basketball, capture the flag, baseball, house in the backyard playhouse, cops and robbers, construction men in the sand box…the list goes on. Playing with siblings or neighborhood friends are some of the best memories kids can have of their youth! Play is an important aspect of a child’s development and it teaches them to be innovative. Let’s give them the tools to help them expand their imagination.

We're Active Kyds. Our team makes it simple to buy kids play tools online. To put it simply, we're an online retailer of high quality, affordable toys for children. We know that many things distract kids from the active lifestyles they should be enjoying, and our goal is to bring things back to those days, one imagination at a time. Check out our play construction tools and make a child’s day this holiday season, birthday or special time of the year!