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Helping Build A Dog House

Posted by Levi Peterson on

Always looking for pictures of our products in use, check out this Active Kyd helping her dad build a dog house for her dog Molly!

Meet our Customer’s Daughter – Lianna: 

Girl with pink leather toolbelt

Meet her dog Molly:

Molly the dog

Lianna’s dad sent us pictures of Lianna working with him on a dog house for Molly:

building a dog house

We love the progress and the outfit Lianna! Can’t wait to see a finished project!

Lianna is wearing a pink Active Kyds Toolbelt. We are happy to see she has on safety glasses, though they are not glasses from Active Kyds. We might have to drop some in the mail!

Chatting with Lianna’s dad, they built their dog house out of scrap material they had hanging around the garage. They had a platform to put the dog house on, needed to add a roof, walls and paint the outside. Hay was going to be added to the dog house to add more comfort for the dog and insulation to keep it warmer on cool nights.

Here is a site with dog house plans we ran across online:


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2017 Spring Sale

Posted by Levi Peterson on

Spring is just around the corner and we want to celebrate with a free shipping coupon! 

Use the coupon code: Springsale at checkout for free shipping now until April 18th!

Bring in the Spring and Summer construction season with your little helper. Make sure they are equipped with the right equipment. Buy safety vests, hard hats, safety glasses, tool belts and real tools today from Active Kyds.

Active Kyds' toys are great gifts for birthdays, Easter, May Day or that special occasion. Get free shipping on all orders through April 18th. Share photos of your little helper wearing their Active Kyd's apparel and working on a project to our team at activekyds @ or to Facebook or Instagram

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Be an Active Role Model in a Child’s Life | Active Kyds, LLC.

Posted by Levi Peterson on

Kids think the world of their mom or dad or active adult figure in their life. If Dad is a bus driver, the son is doing the same thing. “House” is a natural activity that all kids love to play at some point in their development, rocking babies, making supper and running to the grocery store. Be a role model and show your helper how to be active and creative.
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Toys that Help Teach Skills | Active Kyds, LLC

Posted by Levi Peterson on

Most schools here in the U.S. are focusing on STEM Skills. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, what better way than through play to teach your kids these lifelong skills.
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Develop Your Kids Imagination | Active Kyds, LLC.

Posted by Levi Peterson on

Letting kids use their imagination and helping them grow is one of our roles as parents. Help develop your children’s imaginations, by playing with them or giving them ideas they can build upon. Your kid’s active imagination might be the next invention, book, movie or game.
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