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100 Inexpensive Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Posted by Levi Peterson on

Summer began on June 20th and here are 100 inexpensive things to do with your kids this summer! Whether it’s raining out or the sun is shining brightly, you’ll find something for all 94 days, with a few extra ideas to take into fall.

  1. Go on a nature hike in your own backyard
  2. Jump in the lake when it’s hot out
  3. Jump in the lake when it’s raining (make sure there’s no lightening!)
  4. Teach your dog a new trick
  5. Go to a state park
  6. Follow a rainbow
  7. Run through the sprinklers
  8. Have a water balloon fight
  9. Build a fort
  10. Go to your local library
  11. Go mini-golfing or to a driving range
  12. Teach your kids how to drive a go-cart
  13. Watch the sunrise
  14. Chase lightening bugs
  15. Sit out on your deck and listen to the frogs, owls, or other nocturnal animals at night
  16. Go to an art festival
  17. Find a park with free summer concerts
  18. Visit a local monument
  19. Be super tourists in your own town for a day
  20. Volunteer at a local food bank
  21. Join or create a summer reading program
  22. Do a day trip to a town you’ve never been to before
  23. Pitch a tent in your backyard and sleep outside
  24. Make s’mores
  25. Donate lightly used, unwanted toys to a shelter or church – let your kids choose what to donate
  26. Go camping
  27. Ride your bikes to find ice-cream
  28. Go to a baseball game and learn how to keep a scorecard
  29. Play a pickup game of baseball
  30. Plant flowers
  31. Make an herb garden
  32. Visit your state capitol building and take a free tour
  33. Go on an urban nature walk in the closest big city
  34. Bake cookies for ice cream sandwiches
  35. Wash the family car
  36. Deliver popsicles to your local firehouse or police station
  37. Go to a pick-your-own berry farm
  38. Learn a few constellations and find them while stargazing
  39. Go to a water park
  40. Have a sleepover with friends
  41. Go to a children’s museum (or any type of museum)
  42. Read chapter books aloud
  43. Fly kites
  44. Make paper airplanes and see which one flies farthest
  45. Have a treasure hunt for your kids and their friends
  46. Go to garage sales
  47. Have your own garage sale
  48. Build a sandcastle
  49. Have a “Fine-Dining Night” – make sure you get dressed up!
  50. Climb a tree
  51. Go for a nature walk in the rain
  52. Go to the fair
  53. Do yoga outdoors
  54. Ride a horse
  55. Build a birdhouse
  56. Make a family memory book
  57. Buy a disposable camera and let your kids take pictures at a family event—they’ll have to wait for the results!
  58. Create an obstacle course outdoors
  59. Take a free factory tour
  60. Take swim lessons
  61. Deliver a wildflower bouquet to a neighbor
  62. Make popsicles
  63. Bake bread together
  64. Visit a local farm or farmer’s market
  65. Clean up trash on the side of the road or at a local park
  66. Have a lemonade stand
  67. Participate in StoryCorps
  68. Go to a 4th of July celebration
  69. Have a game night (without technology)
  70. Collect popsicle sticks throughout the summer and make an art project with them
  71. Have a family slumber party indoors
  72. Have a homemade pizza night
  73. Take a picnic to the park
  75. Do some science experiments
  76. Find a kids podcast to listen to in the car
  77. Do summer homework
  78. Learn new jump rope rhymes
  79. Make and play with playdough
  80. Play mad-libs together
  81. Put together 100+ piece puzzles
  82. Go to a cultural or heritage festival
  83. Try new foods from different ethnicities
  84. Walk dogs at a local shelter
  85. Take an “old-timey” family portrait (whether it be from the 1800’s or the 1980’s)
  86. Pose like the statues around town and create your own map of them for guests
  87. Go geocaching
  88. Play Simon Says, Red Rover, Red Light/Green Light and other fun games
  89. Make your own finger-paints
  90. Let your child rearrange their bedroom
  91. Search for four-leaf clovers
  92. Write letters and mail them to loved ones
  93. Let your kids make dinner
  94. Tie dye old t-shirts
  95. Tour a public radio station
  96. Have a track and field day in your backyard
  97. Take a first aid and CPR course with your kids
  98. Make your own bubbles and bubble wand
  99. Make an age-appropriate chore chart
  100. The Floor is Lava!

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