Be an Active Role Model in a Child’s Life | Active Kyds, LLC.

Be an Active Role Model in a Child’s Life | Active Kyds, LLC.

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Active Role Models Lead to Active Kids

When you were a kid, your dad, mom, or other guardian was most likely your primary hero. You followed them around, copied what they said, and imagined yourself doing the jobs they did. Your kids are doing the same thing to you. Be an important role model for your child by actively engaging with them in play.

You don’t have to interrupt their solo play in order to show them how to be more creative. Allow them to help you with chores that may be too big for them to do on their own.  When you are baking a cake or cooking dinner for the family, invite your child to help out. Or let them strap on their kid size tool belt when you’re building that end table for their bedroom. These interactions will encourage your child’s solo play. By letting them watch and assist you when you work, they are able to recreate it in their own way when they play on their own. Adult projects they can “help” with include:

  • Changing the oil in your car
  • Yard work like raking leaves and mowing the lawn
  • Household chores like cooking dinner and washing laundry
  • Shoveling snow
  • Changing/washing a baby
  • Planning a trip
  • Setting up a campsite or paddling a canoe
  • Any type of construction

The important thing is to make sure you’re having fun working together. When a child’s role model interacts with them in a positive manner, it sets the mood for the day. When it happens on a consistent basis, it sets the mood for life. Let your child build the skills they will need to get through the harder times, or “boring” times, of their life.



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