Develop Your Kids Imagination | Active Kyds, LLC.

Develop Your Kids Imagination | Active Kyds, LLC.

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Develop Imagination.

Imagination. Noun. 1. The faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.

Your child’s imagination or your imagination for that matter, can help you have a better learning experience, relieve boredom, problem solve and increase the enjoyment of life and stories in any format.

Letting kids use their imagination and helping them grow is one of our roles as parents. Help develop your children’s imaginations, by playing with them, reading to them, telling stories, making art or giving them ideas and props they can build upon.

From – Here are what they call The Basics to cultivating an active imagination:

  1. Tell Stories. Your stories, stories made up, or stories passed on verbally generation to generation. Stories that pass on wisdom in a verbal format, one-on-one connections. This gives the child the opportunity to imagine what is happening, ask questions, and imagine possible different outcomes.
  2. Make art. Let them do what they want with their art pieces, but expose them to painting, drawing, building, sculpting, etc.
  3. Use natural or generic materials. Playing with objects from the Great Outdoors and materials that are considered open-ended toys spark the imagination and again, let the kids make or build what they want. Sand, blocks, sticks, leaves are all great items to play with.
  4. Foster a sense of inner space. Let the kids be their own creators and develop their own pictures and vision within their “inner space.”

Your kid’s active imagination might be the next invention, innovative way to solve a problem, a book, movie or game, but most of all, leads to a well-adjusted adult.  Immediately, an active imagination will help your child:

  1. Do well in school
  2. Play better with other children
  3. Manage anger and emotions
  4. Be happier
  5. Play on their own.



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