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TED Talks on Being a Great Parent

Posted by Levi Peterson on

Alright, I know I recently wrote a post about a TED Talk by Brian Feiler, but I have to share this list with you too. This list by TED focuses on 13 talks that will help you become a better parent.

As we get wrapped up in our daily life and the responsibility of running a household, holding down a job, carpooling kids from one activity to another, etc.,  we sometimes forget to also provide our kids with the opportunity to just enjoy life at the age they are. These TED talks will give you some ideas on how to simplify your everyday life, teach work ethic and other values, and help you slow down and love your children.

Kids are really simple. They need love, attention and maybe an occasional cookie. If they know you love them and are giving them your undivided attention, even in only for 10 minutes a day, they are content and satisfied with the world!

The basics of what we grew up with still applies to kids today -  play outside, play with friends, help out around the house, eat your fruits and vegetables and get your sleep! Become a better parent today so that someday, you’re not looking back with regret that you didn’t spend more time with your children and enjoy them at each stage of life they were at. These TED talks also remind you of what lessons to teach them before they move out into the big world. I think that will be my biggest angst—did I teach them everything they need to know or at least provide them with the right building blocks to make the decisions that are right for them? All we can do is our best!

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