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About Us

Hi, I'm Levi Peterson. My brother Lars and I are the co-founders of Active Kyds, LLC. I am the second oldest in a family of 11 kids. I have 5 kids of my own, as does Lars. If there's one thing we're very experienced in, it's being around kids.

Together Lars and I started a company called Active Kyds, LLC. We are an e-commerce business that sell kids toys intended to get boys and girls active and off the couch.

We hand select our products so that they meet our stringent quality controls, and pass along this value to you. Put simply, if it doesn't pass the "kid test", it doesn't hit our shelves.



We aren’t parenting experts or experts in children for that matter, but we strongly believe in encouraging children to be active, play outside, and use their imagination. We believe that our products can help kids do exactly that. The most played with toys at our houses are Dad’s tools as the kids “fix” their bikes, a broken board or the lawn mower or Mom’s Tupperware and pots and pans cupboard. Kid’s love their Barbie’s™, trucks, Legos and more, but they also love to use the things Mom and Dad are using around the house. Our products should alleviate the headache of misplaced tools in the garage anyway! 

We are all about getting your kids off the couch and playing! Whether it is outside or in the house, help kids use their imagination by providing them with the right toys to fuel play or getting them started on their adventures by initiating active play.

Here are some articles, tips and tricks to help you have Active Kyds:

  • Kids’ lives are so structured these days and it’s hard for them to entertain themselves in the evening, weekends or vacations. Boredom is good as it helps fuel the imagination. It’s okay to have a little down time! Help your kids become problem solvers as they overcome boredom. Read more.

  • Letting kids use their imagination and helping them grow is one of our roles as parents. Help develop your children’s imaginations, by playing with them or giving them ideas they can build upon. Your kid’s active imagination might be the next invention, book, movie or game. Read more.

  • Most schools here in the U.S. are focusing on STEM Skills. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, what better way than through play to teach your kids these lifelong skills. Read more.

  • Role Models. Kids think the world of their mom or dad or active adult figure in their life. If Dad is a bus driver, the son is doing the same thing. “House” is a natural activity that all kids love to play at some point in their development, rocking babies, making supper and running to the grocery store. Be a role model and show your helper how to be active and creative. Read more.

Check out our blog for more information on our products and raising kids!